Hello, and welcome to mollsportfolio. A blog of all things arty and bookish. Since this is my first post, here’s some context:

It’s the last week of my first Semester of my second year of studying Fine Art and English Literature at Aberystwyth University. I’m overjoyed with my decision to study here; I’ve met interesting people and explored beautiful places, whilst encountering challenges. Sometimes these challenges are more difficult than we anticipate. Although life can be an emotional rollercoaster, I like to think (and hope that) a good thing will transpire, and in this case, the (hopefully) ‘good thing’ was a suggestion from my seminar tutor to start a blog. (Thank you!)

From this date, I will invest more my time into writing. Topics that I will post about will range from art and english literature, to film and my personal university experience. Although Christmas is approaching, I’m hoping to write at least occasionally so I can gradually get to grips with blogging!

Hope you enjoy my blogging journey!


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