I decided to title this favourite ‘reads’ rather than favourite books since there are only two books on my list! I’m pretty happy with my effort this year, as I nearly managed to complete my Goodreads Reading Challenge of 50 books, coming close at 45. Although most of my reading consisted of texts for my University course, this year I’m hoping to read more in my own time. Not that I didn’t enjoy the texts on the syllabus in the modules I chose.

The Oresteia, an Ancient Greek play by Aeschylus 8.5/10

I read the ‘Agamemnon,’ ‘The Libation Bearers’ and ‘Eumenides,’ the three plays in the Greek tragedy trilogy, the Oresteia. I read ‘Agamemnon’ in my first year at university and in my Shapes of Tragedy module we developed our analysis on specific texts from Greek plays to 20th century plays. I ended up writing on the Oresteia for my essay and found analysing the text more meant that I enjoyed the complexity of the play even more. I found the most interesting character from the trilogy is Cassandra from the first play ‘Agamemnon.’ Her character is paradoxical in relation to divine intervention within the world of the play, so that’s really interesting regardin responsiblility in the play. Hopefully this year I’d like to read more about her character – so Trojan Women by Euripides is on my 2018 TBR list.

milk and honey, a collection of poetry by Rupi Kaur 7.5/10

I was so happy to see a collection of poetry so widely supported by people of many ages this year. Many of my friends have read milk and honey by Rupi Kaur found her raw honest approach combined with her style of writing refreshing, clear and motivational. She discusses darker issues and bravely shares a lot with the public through her collection. Also, as an art and English literature student, it was enlightening to see poetry alongside illustration reach such a level of popularity.

Dark Matter, a science fiction novel by Blake Crouch 8.5/10

Blake Crouch wrote Dark Matter, a fast-paced sci-fi thriller that I couldn’t put down. If I recall correctly, I read this in two days in-between revising for my exams of 2017. Although like Kaur, the writing style is somewhat hit – or – miss, I found this made the novel even more fast-paced. I felt like I was running alongside the characters whilst reading, anticipating every move. For me, it was great to read such a fast-paced science fiction novel that wasn’t about a boy and a girl falling in love in a dystopian world. I loved the relationships in this book and will be on the lookout for more adult science fiction books. This next year, I am hoping to read Pines, by Blake Crouch as I’ve heard good things about his new book. I came across both of these Blake Crouch books on Emily Fox’s BookTube. She does great reviews and reads a variety of genres, from classics to contemporary fiction.

Murder on the Orient Express, a classic mystery by Agatha Christie 9/10

I finally read my first Agatha Christie novel this year, Murder on the Orient Express, which I made a blog post about my listening experience on audible.


King Lear, a Jacobean play by William Shakespeare 9/10

My favourite Shakespeare plays thus far. I’ve read seven of his plays and after reading it again this year for my Shapes of Tragedy module it just gets better and better the more I analyse it. In our literary theory module, we had an amazing lecture on Historicism, in which my lecturer analysed Shakespeare and ‘darnel’ the plant in Lear’s crown in the storm scene. I was truly flabbergasted by the detailed analysis of this idea. You can read the interpretation here.  Also, in 2016, back when I first read King Lear for my A-levels, I watched the RSC’s production of King Lear, again providing a new and interesting perspective on the play. If you’re a student and are interested in watching this production, check out this website: BoB: Learning on Screen. Not only does it have recorded Shakespeare plays, but it also has plenty of Doctor Who episodes for free!

I’d love to know what you read in 2017, and what you thought about my favourites that I read this year. Thank you for reading, watch out for a post about my TBR for 2018.

Featured image: 2016 RSC Production of King Lear, featuring Don Warrington as King Lear

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  1. Well done on the amount of books I don’t think I have read 45books in 53years, each one is a brick in the wall of your knowledge.

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