Finished reading on 21/01/18

The Alloy of Law is a stand-alone novel set 300 years after the Mistborn Trilogy events. I was pretty excited to return to the Mistborn universe because of the amazing magic system and how the ending of the last book in the Mistborn Trilogy, The Hero of Ages, affected the world. This was my favourite aspect of the book. To see how religion and society had developed over 300 years was really interesting. The new characters’ perspectives of the characters in Mistborn was intriguing, especially since I read the Mistborn trilogy when I was 13/14, so I developed my own opinions a while ago.

Unfortunately, though, I found this book doesn’t stand up to the Mistborn trilogy. I feel it could have been longer in order to explore the characters in more depth (i guess that’s why Sanderson is writing another trilogy about the main characters from The Alloy of Law). The range of characters was enlightening but I would have loved to learn more about each of their individual experiences after the Hero of Ages.

Although the tone of this Sanderson novel was lighter, it didn’t detract from my reading. I actually found the main characters pretty funny, often causing me to laugh out loud! Pleasantly surprised by the humour in this book. The Alloy of Law is genre-bending, its full of action, mystery and humour set in a fantasy world surrounded by religious and ethical issues. However, I wouldn’t recommend reading this before the Trilogy because the world building mostly takes place in the trilogy, therefore, to understand the magic system and the universe would be more enjoyable and easier to read the other three first.



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