Today I received my Painting 1 Module feedback, and it’s incredibly good news! I got a first! But, that aside, I wanted to talk about my assessment experience and overall perception of my work.

When I arrived outside the room of my assessment, naturally I was really nervous, getting the sweats and shaking, you know. But when I walked in and saw my work scattered across the table, I felt relieved. I am proud of most of my work, and I had things to say about it too. We started off talking about the positives of my work. My marks, interest in colour, and ability to compose a picture that is satisfying. They also commented on my style, which has been before described as ‘energetic minimalism’, stating that I don’t ‘copy’ a landscape ‘literally’ and that I experience a scene. This made me happy as most of my landscapes that I’ve painted have been a part of a journey to cycle to. Not only have painting landscapes been a physical journey, but an emotional one too. Many times in the past 4 months I have wholly doubted my ability to put paint to paintbrush and create something. My anxieties about my confidence and perfectionism were commented on in my assessment too. Not only were my marks ‘picky’ in my paintings, but occasionally some of my work from my life drawing class demonstrates this fussiness too.

For me, art is a mental experience and it is clear that through my work which is more expressive, unlike my A-level work, reflects my emotions more intensely. However, this connection isn’t always negative. I feel, in my case, its finding that ‘Goldilocks zone’ of mental concentration and peace as well as the perfect composition and colour temperature.

Overall I feel the stress, the tears and the sleep deprivation was worth it… I am passionate about art. But, just like any other degree, it’s not easy. Generally, i found the painting really enjoyable, no matter how many times I painted over canvases and boards. Some of my canvases have 5 paintings underneath, so that speaks volumes.

Right now, I’m awaiting feedback on my life drawing class. Depending on how I do (yes I am still nervous…) I will write another post about my art. I was also thinking about creating a life drawing portfolio too. You can view the work that I have talked about here. Thank you for reading, hope you’ve had as good a day as me after receiving this feedback!

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