This month I read 4 fiction books. Most of them were plays from my Shakespeare Jonson & Co. module, however, I did manage to read one book for pleasure this month and let me tell you, it was a big one! The plays I read for my degree were Twelfth Night and The Merchant of Venice by William Shakespeare, as well as The Shoemaker’s Holiday by Thomas Dekker. Since I’ve posted about these plays on my Shakespeare, Jonson & Co. page I’ll summarize my thoughts.

The Shoemaker’s Holiday was the easiest play to read out of the three I read this month, but maybe not for good reasons. I enjoyed the play, particularly Eyre’s wackiness and Firk’s bawdy humor, but I found at times it was a bit dull. Now before everyone starts boo-ing, I’m not saying it’s badly written or hollow, I just didn’t find it that interesting. Although the play discusses darker themes underneath the humor I found that it didn’t really ask questions, it answered its own questions. This is something that I love about Shakespeare. His ability to have a coherent, satisfying play that also asks big questions is just so intellectually stimulating! The fact that he sometimes leaves fragments out for interpretation beyond the play and it doesn’t irritate me is genius. His plays are not dissatisfying or anticlimactic, however, I found that unfortunately this was the case for me whilst I was reading The Shoemaker’s Holiday.

Besides Shakespearean plays, I read one debut novel this month. The Nix by Nathan Hill is a book about life. The Nix often left me thinking about what I had just read for the rest of the day making my senses and perception of life heightened – I was so actively conscious of everyone around me and their detailed lives that where somewhat impossibly as detailed as my own. A really great and intriguing read. Perhaps one of my favorites, not only from this year, but of all time!

Currently, I just finished reading History is All You Left Me by Adam Silvera. The review will be up soon. However, at home we have had no Wifi for just over a week and it honestly doesn’t look like it’s getting any better, so I apologize about the lack of posts, particularly on my Painting Module page. As always, thank you for reading and I hope to be posting frequently again soon! 🙂

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  1. Thank you fr sharing your thoughts ..A big reading programme to follow

    I hope the Wi Fi soon returns was it snow related

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