The Seven Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle was a rollercoaster, an Agatha Christie *gone sci-fi* rollercoaster. Stuart Turton’s debut novel was such a great read. Initially, I was taunted by the sheer amount of characters, especially after recently reading Bartholomew Fair by Ben Jonson (review coming soon!) which features over a dozen zany carnival creatures. However, Turton guides you through the characters without presenting them as flat or non-dimensional. Each character is so individual without being forced for the plot. Also, I did find the twist surprising!

However, my only criticism would be that I felt the novel could have done with being a tad shorter. I felt as though things were predictable and I kept reading to read them for the sake of it – although, I don’t want to make it sound as though it was laborious, it was great! I really enjoyed discovering and uncovering the secrets of Blackheath. The map at the beginning of the book was a big help whilst the main character(s) were exploring the Hardcastle’s event.

If you’re into mystery and looking for something sci-fi to dip your toes into the genre (whilst also not minding a thicc book) this is the latest book for you! It’s not an easy read and did require more concentration than I imagined, but it’s so worth it. Its such a detailed story its baffling. I would highly recommend!

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