I read a total of 10 books in total in the months of April and May. Since I had only read 2 books in April due to my university exam season, I decided to combine my monthly wrap-up with May’s monthly wrap-up! Click here to view previous monthly wrap-ups! Again, thank you so much for reading and I hope you enjoy my blog post 🙂


The first book I read in April was We Should All Be Feminists by Chimamanda Adichie, a great quick read which you could absorb yourself in, in one sitting. I love that they decided to make Adichie’s TEDx talk into a short 40-page paperback. It was such an enlightening feminist read.


The final book I read in April was Vertigo by Boileau-Narcejac. It’s a fast-paced French mystery-thriller novel, originally titled The Living and The Dead. The whole time I was trying to guess the twist, and honestly, I didn’t figure it out. I read Vertigo in one sitting, I could not stop reading!

The sense of impending doom surrounds the atmosphere is reflected I the setting of pre-war Paris, causing a constant feeling of anxiety not only in society but also in the personal lives of the main characters in addition to the trouble the main character endures. A great read and I’m glad I’m starting to branch off into more niche genres as well as non-English or American literature.


The first book I finished in May was The Seven Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle by Stuart Turton. Stuart Turton’s debut novel was such a great read. Initially, I was taunted by the sheer amount of characters, but I luckily ended up getting the hang of it without it taking away from my reading experience.

Its such a mish-mash of genres, an Agatha-Christie *gone sci-fi* with a sprinkle of Sherlock Holmes. Its such a fantastic read, if you loved Dark Matter and want to read more thrillers you’ll love this.


The second book I read in the month of May was Bartholomew Fair by Ben Jonson. This was a tricky one. Perhaps the hardest read in a long time. As well as being one of the hardest texts I’ve ever been faced with, it was also one of the most bizarre texts I’ve ever read. After the second read in preparation for my presentation exam, I really began to understand what Jonson was going for here.

Bartholomew Fair was one of his most experimental texts and I have slowly grown to love this play. Reading the texts in my Shakespeare, Jonson  Co. has inspired me to read more Renaissance plays besides Shakespeare since they are, after all incredibly technical and detailed texts that are timeless.


My main reason for picking up this classic epic poem was to read more about the character Agamemnon, and sure enough, he’s the same old egotistical, self-fulfilling prophecy of a king. Like Bartholomew Fairthis was one of the more complex books I’ve read this year. I’m so proud I managed to not only read this but enjoy it as well! Like Jonson’s play, I initially found reading this quite daunting and left it on my bedside for a good week, but after a while, I managed to pluck up the courage to read it again and managed to finish it within two weeks. One thing is for certain is that this is not an easy read, but if you’re up for a challenge, love the ancient Greeks or want to begin reading epic poetry.


Mythos is one of the best books I’ve read this year. Stephen Fry is an excellent writer and a hilarious reader (I would highly recommend listening to the audiobook). I honestly can’t recommend this book enough. If you’re a big reader and want to learn more about Greek Mythology or if you’re a light reader and fancy a hilarious and enlightening read this is the one for you!


I was really surprised by my opinions of the first two Sherlock Holmes books. A Study In Scarlet was brilliant. A masterful introduction to some of the nation’s favourite characters and a mysterious and fast-paced plot to follow. However, The Sign Of Four was NOT what I expected. I did have a bit of a rant about this one since there are some sensitive themes discussed in a contemporary attitude (basically, racism…). However, I am currently reading the third book in the series The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes (Sherlock Holmes #3) the collection of short stories from The Strand and really enjoying it. So far, I would highly recommend all of the Holmes stories besides The Sign of Four, unless you really want to hear about the relationships Watson and Holmes undergo.


I was a little disappointed by Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? that’s not to say it wasn’t enjoyable, however. I really want to get into more classic science fiction but this was a little, ‘meh’. Phillip K. Dick had some great ideas, but the plot was a little underwhelming. I wouldn’t necessarily recommend this book to someone who is new to sci-fi or if you’re someone looking to get into classic science fiction. Instead, I would recommend War of The Worlds by H.G. Wells, 1984 or Brave New World.


Finally, the last book I read (or listened to) this month was Every Heart A Doorway by Seanan McGuire (Wayward Children #1). This book was the biggest surprise of the year so far. I went into the audiobook so apprehensive but relying on Booktuber’s recommendations. I will write a blog post about the first two in The Wayward Children #1 and #2 series soon since I am actually (for once) to read a new series! I’m about halfway through Among The Sticks and Bones and I’m still enjoying it as much as the first book! Once I finish the second one I’ll probably get straight into the next book.

So, this is what I’ve read over the past two months! Than you so much for reading, and I hope you guys enjoy my reviews. As for what I’m currently reading; Metamorphoses by Ovid, which is absolutely beautiful in so many ways, but I think it’s going to take me a few weeks to read on and off due to its heaviness; Among The Sticks and Bones (Wayward Children #2) by Seanan McGuire, which is a great mystery middle-grade (ish?? still unsure and trying to decide for myself) thriller fantasy with portals to different dimensions -it’s great.

I’m looking forward to reading more of Chimamanda Adichie’s works, fictional and non-fiction, the next book in the Wayward Children #3, and some more science fiction! Let me know what you’re excited to read or what you’re currently reading because I’d love to hear your thoughts!


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