Finishing IT is probably one of my proudest literary achievements. Its such a fantastic book packed with interesting themes explored in great depth. I listened to a total of 45 hrs of an audiobook over the course of a year, on-and-off, gradually picking up speed over the past few months. Over 1000 pages of words an amazing journey was beautifully introduced, frightfully explored and solemnly concluded. This book made me shed a tear – just like in the movies, haha! But seriously though, I enjoyed IT through and through and can’t wait to read more of Stephen King’s amazing work.

King is such a masterful storyteller. He creates characters which you can relate to, perhaps not wholly, but this is part of his genius: they are their own individual people. It’s almost as if you know them in reality once you’ve finished the books, you just can’t help but root for them and sympathise with their every experience.

I am beginning to realise this doesn’t sound much like a horror book review, but I really didn’t come out of this book feeling that it was a horror, it was a tale about life. There are so many lessons you can learn from IT and there are so many moments that float (ha-haa) around in your mind for days and days. To summarise then, IT is a coming-of-age novel, one which has supernatural/paranormal elements.

Without giving too much away since I feel that IT is the sort of book which going into it knowing nothing intensifies your reading experience, King’s IT follows a group of kids in high-school, the self-proclaimed “Losers club”. Doesn’t that just scream eighties? They begin to experience life changes, new feelings and a dangerous paranormal being haunting the streets of Derry. Their lives and the lives of Derry depend on the Losers’ friendship and determination to defeat fear and love. From summer break to return to their home-town, IT is one hell of a journey. The Epilogue is also incredibly beautiful. IT has one of the best endings in a book I’ve ever read.

Listening to IT on audible whilst on my bike, with no headphones for saftey reasons, really brought me into the world of the story. The river, the spooky house and long cycle lanes really felt like I was in Derry, tracing the Losers’ steps…

Also, I would highly recommend the movie that came out last year despite some of the questionable CGI. I’m also looking forward to the second IT film since it will focus on the adults this time around (fingers crossed it redeems the awful 90s version!).

4.5/5 stars.


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