After receiving my feedback from my previous modules I have decided to put it into action. I was chatting with my tutors and they seemed surprised that I’d never thought of using ink to draw landscapes – and it’s true, I never have. Since I enjoy doing life drawing sketches in ink so much I gave it a good go!




After a few sketches in indian ink, I wanted to try a different type of ink, so I got out my Promarkers.



I then decided to put the two mediums together to make an illustrative landscape since I felt ink on its own wasn’t successful.


And I certainly couldn’t help but paint in acrylic on a canvas…


This then led me to begin painting a landscape, which currently, isn’t finished but I thought I’d show a progress picture anyway.


Some Graphic 5mm, 1mm drawings with promarkers.



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  1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts AND pictures. I like the combination of all three mediums. I found Indian ink quite challenging

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