Week four of Third year is upon me and I’m excited about where painting will take me. My tutor and I discussed how I wanted to explore landscapes and came to the conclusion that the traditional horizontal landscape (the horizon line 2/3 down the painting) was becoming, not tiresome but had grown commonplace for me. So, she imaginatively suggested I start with aerial landscapes since this angle superbly shows the contrast between man-made alterations and the natural flow of unkept, lush nature. With that, she recommended I invest in some artist quality paints, acrylic ink and flow medium – oh boy this was absolutely wonderful to use.

I began my painting project by showing my most recent landscapes to my tutor. Here they are in my wonderful new studio (which I have taken a delight to embrace):


In these paintings, I wanted to convey an element of toxicity within nature, i.e, our negative effect on the planet. I feel the degree of subtlety is different for each painting in terms of how obviously it is making a statement about environmental/eco issues. The smaller paintings are more subtle, which is partly due to colour palette – but that is the degree of subtlety I am aiming for: something which has to be found rather than told.


I’m really enjoying experimenting with flow medium, acrylic ink and metallic paints. I feel like I can really get my hands dirty, so to speak. Although I do really like all of these paintings, my favourite is below:


At the moment, it’s unfinished, however, I was trying something new by not painting over the base of the canvas instantly with opaque paint; because of this, I feel like the ‘glow’ of the water really comes through. Thoroughly enjoying my painting module and I can’t wait to see what I conjure on a blank canvas next!

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