After beginning to investigate aerial landscapes I feel that their generalized composition has meant that I can really explore my process. Recently, I have become very interested in how the paint flows and how this natural process is repeated in the natural world around us. The first three paintings (below) are experiments using my second-year techniques:   I really like this series of paintings, however, my tutor pointed out that although I am investigating paint flow,  and there is definitely evidence of this in my paintings, the issue is that the paint is too opaque. Below is an example of a canvas that has more layers than I care to admit of paint on it. I decided to go over areas with gesso to reinstate the realm of the ‘new canvas’ to get the light glowing through. Although the final ‘state’ the painting is in now (below, right) is just a base coat, I believe it is better than how it looked before.   The bottom four are from my new series in which I am exploring glazing, colour, heat via aerial landscapes. Two of them are still works in progress, however, I believe it is important to document the process. 20181114_125202473983668.jpg20181114_1251422078063698.jpg20181114_125208~2647842109..jpg20181114_1333041897664545.jpg 20181114_1332561505404499.jpg20181110_1459581992280969.jpg The final picture is of my studio. I feel really proud of the work I’ve done recently, and I’m super excited to see what comes next! Thank you for reading, Moll 🙂

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