Looking back, last semester was a bit of a blunder for me. Despite the struggle, I feel like I’ve learnt so much, and now is my time to apply all of the struggles to create a success. As of recently, I’ve been exploring my styles much more in order to portray my emotional connection with my landscapes clearly. I’ve also been experimenting (of course) with colour palettes. It started with this part of a painting (below). In its entirety, I don’t like this painting, but this specific area is beautiful to me.


With that, I began to experiment with more spring-y pastel colours, as well as returning to some of my old paintings of Snowdonia. I adore the painting that came out of this so i made it a set! (Below, below 2: Set)

Whilst I was painting those, I had another Snowdon colour study on-the-go. As you can see, very pastel, ‘landscape on acid’ is what I nicknamed it. I really love the muted tones and began to be fascinated as to how they formed a shape through tone and saturation.


This led me to this piece, (below), heavily inspired by the two paintings above, it appears as a kind of amalgamation of the two (or three).


Astounded by the depth that colour could create, I decided to paint some really simple outline-style paintings, to really get to grips with light and shade in a painting.


After having my tutorial with my tutor, I began to make multiple compositions using collages of photographs, paintings and sketches of Snowdonia. Also, here is my at-home studio. I love being able to see my paintings as I sleep, wake up and do mundane house chores haha.


Another area of my studio – the floor! More experimental paintings. Some linear, some very abstract and some with a hint of watercolour inspired styles of painting with acrylics.


More updates soon – thank you so much for reading! 🙂

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