Hey everyone! I thought I’d post an update on where I’m at with all of my pieces I’m working on for my exhibition! Some of them will be included in the final exhibit and some will be kept in my portfolio.

Artist’s Statement:

In my latest work, I strive to paint the stark, sublime beauty of the Welsh landscape in a way that portrays its nature authentically and analytically; exploring the duality of its harshness and fragility through light and shadow.

I paint from a theoretical perspective, whilst also expressing my passion for the environment. In my naked portrayal of nature, I aim to demonstrate how intrinsically connected we are to our landscape and how it can be a place that seems so unapologetically uncanny, isolating, as well as a place that we call home.

With one month to go, no doubt things will change and I will learn so much more. This post is a time-stamp of my journey to my first exhibit! I hope people enjoy having a look at my work as of late.


Looking forward to seeing some of you at the exhibition from the 18th of May, 2019!

Molly ๐Ÿ™‚

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