Whilst working on my graduate exhibition I began to investigate light and shade more so than I ever had before. This summer, I wanted light and shade to be the primary focus of my sketches, paintings and ink drawings. Naturally, a journey is comprised of forks in the road and dead ends, but so far this is where my work has taken me.

First, I went back to some photos from a visit to Rheidol, and found some cool looking trees.


Ink led me to want to draw more graphically – and especially after getting my first tattoo done, I was looking at a lot of inspiring graphic artwork, as well as eastern art.


As well as returning to my love of graphic drawings, I thought I could try painting some landscapes in black and white to strip back the somewhat overwhelming beauty of colour. I also wanted a sense of place to be significant in these sombre studies.


After I re-visited Devil’s Bridge, I felt inspired. The walk fell into place nicely with my perception of the landscape at the time. I was, and am currently, looking at a lot of Japanese landscape prints.


So, this is what I am currently working on:


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  1. Well …the first photographs were black and white ..Sometime colours can distract you from the natural form .enjoy your exploration

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