This summer, I began to explore ink through the subject of trees. I’ve found that my passion for landscape art has led me to the ukiyo-e , Alexander Cozens, Hokusai and Ruskin, who have greatly influenced me over the past few months.

In my previous post ” Shade and Light,  ” I presented some of my summer work. Overall it is very graphical, each work being predominantly line sketches containing only two shades, black and white. After a deep dive into lino sparked by a YouTube video I watched (Jazza-first time using lino), I found it was the perfect medium to test my current work in an attempt to take it one step further. I feel like, retrospectively, it really helped me gain more confidence with ink and added to my ever-growing passion for art.

Currently, I am searching for ways to take my process further. There are two methods that I am experimenting with, using more than one lino one piece and on larger paper, and through Photoshop.

Below is my first experience with Photoshop. Made using a paper print of two linos together that I will draw over of as well and brushes in photoshop, I attempted a ukiyo-e artwork. I’m not sure if I’d call it finished or not, but it is a big step in my MA exploration! Feedback and tips would be greatly appreciated.

buart mawr 0.7 IV ukiyoe iii

Thank you so much for reading and do not hesitate to comment or message me on my social media accounts. 🙂

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  1. So very different. Quite an unusual art form .It is great to follow your progress You never cease to amaze me Well done

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