Warmer Places (a response to Downtown Seattle by Tom Voyce), Alysia Webster

Another Line to Follow is an exhibition celebrating the friendship and artistic influence which is rooted back to studying at Aberystwyth University in the School of Art.

This exhibition aims to explore artists in collaboration; the five artists, Carolyn Wallace, June Forster, Rachel Rea, Alysia Webster and Tom Voyce. All have an interest in abstraction and landscape and effectively investigate, through following a “line” or journey – show how they react to other’s reactions of their own personal experiences. An interesting concept to say the least.

Downtown Seattle, Tom Voyce

I was initially drawn to these two paintings by Tom Voyce and Alysia Webster. Their brilliant and technical ability to manipulate a palette of warm colours with so much depth fascinated me.

After examining the works for a while, I repeatedly found myself intrigued by the play of colour in these artworks inspired by landscapes and space.

In this exhibition, my School of Art Tutor – June Forster, exhibited some of her work. I am particularly fond of this set of nine small squares of rock formations and landscape patterns. I like the exploration of abstract nature and tone demonstrating depth. I’m sure it is easy to see why I’m so inspired by her – especially her monochromatic work. There is always so much to see in her artwork, I could search for (macro and micro) mini landscape for ages whilst investigating her art.

Fragmore Rocks, June Forster

As soon as I saw Alysia’s response to June’s Fragmore Rocks, I realised exactly how closely-knit this community of Aberystwyth artists are. The post-cards are a fabulous idea. It really demonstrates the artistic friendship between the group and their interest in exploring how each others art (and art in general) is affected by the contemporary Artworld and contemporary environment.

Response to Fragmore Rocks by June Forster, by Alysia Webster

Overall, I absolutely loved the work in this exhibition. Although I mainly mentioned my favourite works (mostly because I do not want to spoil the exhibition too much), Another Line to Follow is a well-curated exhibition evoking fond feelings of artistic friendship and community demonstrated in well-executed artworks by artists with a brilliant level of technical ability mastering their practice through specific colour, genre and love of medium.

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