With the e-exhibition looming (one month and a week to go!) I am still working constantly in my sketchbook … although I am having so much fun, I feel as though I need to be dedicating more time to my final pieces (series of 9) rather than doing exploratory work in my sketchbook.

Perhaps, due to my interest in language and image, my series of 9 will only be a part of my exhibition, and by including multiple types of sketchbooks/paper will illuminate my investigation into the story of art? I’m just thinking “out-loud” here. Despite this, I need my submission/exhibition to be cohesive; ideally a set of 9 works, all of which are the same size, but have different variables.

Hm. Thinking …

Regardless, I hop you like my sketchbook work as there is plenty more to come – a lot of which will be on sale from the beginning of summer onward.

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One thought on “ Sketchbook Experiments ”

  1. We too miss the excitement and atmosphere of the “real ” exhibition AND spending time with every one. It has been a difficult time at all stages of education Well done Staying on task I will be viewing the exhibition from my seat on the settee

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