It’s official – I am one exhibition away from completing my MA.

“Handing-in” an exhibition online felt very strange. I had no sense of relief or accomplishment in sending over a presentation online. There was no sense of team-spirit in the curation and set-up of creating the School of Art Degree show. In an attempt to emulate the sensation and atmosphere of an exhibition, many of us have created “mock-up” Photoshop exhibition spaces but all that has done for me is long for a physical exhibition space more, inhabited by parents of students, teachers and locale.

Surprisingly, there were plenty of benefits to submitting my work online. We had time to draft and edit analysis, concepts and intentions regarding each work; we presented the work in an order which would have demonstrate our curatorial thinking; we could experiment with different orders of hanging; we could also paint all the way up to the deadline.

Although these benefits have been useful in terms of analysing one’s own work, I can’t help but long for a physical exhibition, to work together under pressure in an environment that we feel safe in.

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