Last weekend, I was lucky enough to see some of my family and spend some quality time with them as well as with my partner. I feel so grateful to be able to see them again, enjoy our surroundings and eat good food together after lock-down. Although the pandemic has not disappeared and we should all treat Covid-19 with the cautiousness at which we entered lock-down, I do feel incredibly grateful to have enjoyed a day together.

It has been strange to actively avoid social situations. Part of me believes that my more general social anxiety has been exasperated because it has become so acceptable to live as a recluse in 2020. I consider myself somewhat of an introvert, and I think that the pandemic has only illuminated those characteristics – now I *have to*, and am able to, begin to socialise normally again – and dip into the extroverted part of my personality.

This photoset has become more meaningful to me over the past week whilst pondering over making this post. I feel each image evokes a feeling/experience so evocative of the post-lockdown experience: delight, serenity, and unity – despite our individual struggles and accomplishments.

Thank you so much for reading,

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