Botanical Cambs 01

A commission of a beautiful tree in the University of Cambridge Museums and Botanical Gardens. This initial commission sparked the beginning of this new series which I am aiming to complete for the Easter break. Some of these works will be on sale during Easter! So, stay updated if you’re interested.

Cherry Hinton 01

These drawings have really allowed me to explore mood and atmosphere with my favourite subject – the tree. Honestly, I am so proud of this series so far, and, I am getting so much happiness from the outcomes of the pieces. At the moment, I am currently studying the biology of trees to try to improve my knowledge and accuracy of depicting different types of trees.

Cherry Hinton 02

Although this drawing is on a2 paper, instead of a1 sized paper ( as Cherry Hinton 01 and Botanical Cambs 01 is), I would like to include some smaller drawings alongside main larger pieces. Cherry Hinton 02 is still unfinished, as you can see, so I am looking forward to accentuating the angular shapes and lines to create a more menacing atmosphere compared to Botanical Cambs 01 and Cherry Hinton 01.

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2 thoughts on “ Creating an Atmosphere ”

  1. Lovely work, Molly! Is that Cherry Hinton Hall grounds? We lived about 100metres from there before we came to Aber, and it was a regular dog-walking spot. Have you been up to the beech woods? I think you are on QE Way, so you’d go up Line Kiln Hill. Lovely old beech plantation, and a favoured haunt of Robert MacFarlane too (swoon!) All best, Janey

    1. Thank you! So lovely to hear from you. We are about a 10 min walk from Cherry Hinton! I don’t think we’ve been to the Beech Woods yet, it’s on the list now!

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