the lazy susans x the flower project

Over lockdown, 3 entrepreneurial MA students founded The Lazy Susans – a curatorial collective Our Dahlia Allowance, showing the work of two artists, painter Enya Lachman-Curl and local sculptor Ramona Zoladek, who will be responding to themes of temporality and re-connection with the natural world.


Untitled I, Untitled II, and Untitled III
Plaster of Paris, chickpea shoots.
Variable lengths


Dahlia 1, Dahlia 2, and Dahlia 3
Oil on Tracing Paper
297×420 mm

Cobalt Violet Landscape
Giclee Print

When I received the invite to visit the private view of Our Dahlia Allowance, what I was fascinated by was the fact that The Lazy Susans had organised an exhibition in one of my favourite local flower shops in Cambridge, on Mill road. Now, to make things more intriguing, I knew that The Flower Project’s shop was quite small, so I was interested as to how to the pieces would functionally be exhibited.

As pictured, the way The Lazy Susans and the artists arranged the work within the shop was wonderful. All of the wares within The Flower Project only added to the atmosphere. They sold their flower bouquets tailored specifically for the event, too, which of course I couldn’t turn down.

Overall, it was an experience, and I look forward to seeing what The Lazy Susans do next.

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