at the moment, I have a few ongoing projects; an installation using glass, paper, collage and mixed media; a series of digital work (based on originals) and a series of large semi-realistic botanical studies for my latest series entitled macro micros

installation progress

below is the first stage of my progress towards completing my first ever installation. in these works I continue to explore my relationship and knowledge of the colours with blue and green whilst considering distance and the place of the viewer in an abstract style, established in my series diaspora vapor  (series one) and, more recently, anglia vapor.

by continuing to use pencil, pen, acrylic and ink in these inital stages, I am hoping to create a space you can travel through as well as one that evokes a sense of macro and micro landscapes.

the next stages of my installation will mean more layers of paper as well as glass.

digital work

over the winter, I found a way to translate my abstract style into digital materials. Below are some studies based on originals (diaspora vapor series two and anglia vapor series) that I have adapted into original digital artworks .

macro micros

after working on some realism studies, I began this large A1 painting of an iris reticulata. I am hoping to echo some of the atmosphere created in my Cambridge tree sketches (environment and atmosphere series) by emphasising light and shade through colour, as well as somewhat mimicking the dutch still life paintings. this will become more obvious once the iris – the first painting in the series – is finished!

I have been going through a lot of changes in my life recently — art and painting is something that is thankfully going to be more prominent in my life again! this month, I will be going 100% freelance. this means more time for painting, drawing and creating, as well as creative consulting! stay tuned to see what other projects I am working on at GALLERIE V and Byard Art.

bye for now,

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