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By working in monochrome, Molly assesses and manipulates mixed media to craft an image that is concerned with the concept of space and distance, balanced by paths within macro-micro compositions inspired by the landscape.

Molly utilises tone in a minimalist colour palette and creates shapes reminiscent of mountains, trees, and waterfalls: all of which are primary motifs of Chinese and Japanese images of nature: a history of art she is particularly interested in.

When Molly moved from Wales – a landscape surrounded by mountains and sea – to Cambridge in South England, the contrast in landscape was glaring. Cambridgeshire flat for miles, it is encompassed by fens and rivers and breaks records for high temperatures in the UK, penetrating the shade from abundant trees.

​​The concept of diaspora has appeared frequently in her research and recently became more apparent during her move to Cambridge from Wales. The sensation of feeling "mixed" by experiencing a change in landscape or settlement has affected artists for generations. 

​During this resettlement process, Molly aims to capture the nature of diaspora and the feelings it inspires and causes when she is out in the landscape. Molly is in tune with seasonality, and likes to explore the negative and positive emotions, journeys and motifs within seasons.

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Molly Cawthorn