About Me

Creator, reader, writer –


During my time at university I studied English Literature and Fine Art. Both subjects are incredibly creative in nature, but they also test analytical ability as well as the confidence to communicate analysed conceptual ideas. I enjoyed my time as an undergraduate so much that I pursed an MA in Fine Art immediately after: this was primarily funded by my student loan and part-time retail job.

During the beginning of my MA I became unemployed. This was a shock to my system. Despite the anxiety surrounding my economic situation, retrospectively, it was a blessing in disguise. This leap of faith forced and motivated me to actively begin pursuing my career in creative employment. Since December 2019, I have experienced roles such as; Assistant Museum & Gallery Curator, Assistant Art Teacher and Social Media Manager.

Towards the end of my internship at a Museum and Gallery, Covid-19 restrictions loomed. My internship was cut short and I had to leave my job. This has left me seeking remote employment. I was lucky enough to find a Tuition Company who needed Social Media Management, which, essentially, allowed me to survive during the Welsh Lockdown. Amongst the stress of the pandemic, economic and academic pressure, this summer has been very challenging. But, with my loved ones beside me, as well as motivational work-related relationships, I managed to mentally get through the height of the pandemic – thank you to all of you.

Now, though, I have recently moved from Aberystwyth to Cambridge in the hope for more local and inspiring job opportunities. Alongside my passion for art, literature and culture, my desire to cook has grown since going plant-based in January 2019. My career goal right now involves either working for local independent restaurants or galleries and museums. In addition to finishing my MA Fine Art degree (this November) of course!

Let’s make something together.