Autumn Exhibition

“Diaspora Vapor” is a collection of works which aims to further the research, experiments and ideas initially explored in “Dyfed Forests”. By working in monochrome, I assess and manipulate mixed media to create an image that concerns the concept of space and distance, balanced by paths within macro-micro compositions inspired by the landscape. By utilizing […]

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From Transexperience in Chinese Art — mollsdiary

Over the past few weeks, I have been reading more about Chinese art. More specifically the Chinese diaspora and how transexperience effects intent and the resulting product of an artwork. This led to further investigation into creative practices. During the eighties and nineties, many Chinese artists migrated to the west (USA, Australia, UK, Germany, France, […] […]

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Murder on the Orient Express by Agatha Christe

finished listening 05/12/17 Murder on the Orient Express is the first Agatha Christie novel I have read. I really enjoyed it. Personally, I found the audiobook/play enhanced my reading: I could hear the varying accents, the train chugging along and doors closing, altogether incredibly immersive. I imagined that if I had not had the amazing […]

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