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About Me

I am currently studying MA Fine Art at Aberystwyth University having recently completed by BA in Fine Art and English Literature. I have a passion for academics, education, research and practice and I’m seeking a career in art, education and academics.

I love making, creating and critiquing practice and research. I want to find innovative and unique perspectives in my fields in the hope that I can inspire others and explore the variety of societal and cultural thinking in contemporary society. My interests also lie in Music, Running (with a bit of swimming and cycling) and the environment.

What I write about the most on my blog is my art practice: I am an intuitive painter who adores theory. I enjoy writing academic essays which discuss theories that not only pertain to my art practice and research, but my literary research and interests. (Please let me know if anyone would be interested in reading some of my non-fiction work!)

In my most recent works, I have been closely analysing contemporary Chinese ink artists (Qin Feng, Wei Ligang, Gao Xingjian) and Edo-era Japanese woodblock printers Hokusai and Hiroshige. By working in monochrome, I assess and manipulate mixed media (pens, ink, acrylic paint) to create an image which concerns distance, paths and composition. The subject which tends to “appear” in my attempt to investigate tone and composition is that of mountains, trees and waterfalls. Nature is what I’ve always enjoyed painting and drawing and it seems innate to develop this connection further.

My current series is also an investigation into art tools: I am using mixed media (Acrylic Ink, Indian Ink, Alcohol markers, Posca Paint Pens, Stabilo study pens and AquaFine Water Soluble Dual tip pens – a great variety). I want to test how far I can stretch these tools using unconventional printing methods and glazing techniques to illuminate my painterly hand. By juxtaposing large expressive brush marks with minuscule dot-work, I am studying hard to create a compositionally balanced, semi-abstract landscape that explores tonal depth. By also considering inspiration from cultures all around the world, I want to demonstrate how my meditative process, influence of literary articles and artists, can provide a fresh perspective on contemporary landscape art.



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