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BA, MA Aberystwyth. 

Mixed media landscape artist exploring nature, belonging and colour in abstract memory paintings. 

Molly's series is split into seasonal groups to reflect and study change via plein-air each colour studies. Now, after her first year of dedicating her artwork to this project, she anticipates how each season, each year, will be different. She hopes to incite feelings both contextual and individual within each work through both literal imagery and through emotional painterly techniques. The colours she chooses for each season and work are very specific and intentional: the monochromatic works depict her interest in the interaction of the chosen colours against shade and light which can vary perception drastically.

In her work, she explores the theme of language and mark-making in depth. She picks out patterns in nature (like tree bark or rivers) from specific places she has visited and studied to play with the distinction of written communication: where “language” and “image” could be discerned. As of December 2023, she has embarked on a YouTube project recording her outdoor artwork whilst on runs picking out specific characteristics of nature.

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