This series of large atmospheric work by Molly Cawthorn was created during the end of lockdown, at the climax of her MA in Fine Art studying remotely at Aberystwyth School of Art in 2020, and throughout winter in early 2021, as a new resident of Cambridge.

Having moved to Cambridge during the lockdown, the social atmosphere the climactic atmosphere as well as the seasonal changes influenced her detailed large drawings. 

Molly’s work often focuses on nature, particularly landscape. In this series, Environment and Atmosphere, as well as an exploration of light and shadow with subjects of trees around Cambridge, Molly focused on the subject of the tree as character. 

Her work is largely acrylic paint on paper, canvas and glass, and so this series of work is quite a departure from her usual style.

Environment and Atmosphere (2021)

Charcoal, graphite and conte sketches of local trees around Cambridge. Exploring light and shade, botanical form, and the tree as a subject.

Environment and Atmosphere: Drawing Workshop

These drawing workshops are based on my artwork series “Environment and Atmosphere” which were exhibited in Thrive, the plant-based café and bistro in Cambridge from November 2021 - March 2022.

The workshop itself has been held at Gallerie V, 13 St John’s Street CB2 1TW on two occasions; and at Cambridge Regional College.